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What people are saying about the program

We are proud that many people use our program, and most of them are very satisfied with it.

"If you are serious about your web business, Advanced Log Analyzer is a tool you cannot afford to go without".

Sergio Lobo
MultimediaSuite Corp.

"Advanced Log Analyzer has helped my organization track visitors to our website in ways we would not have even thought of had we developed similar software.  Now I can pull from any one of the numerous reports, or create my own in seconds.  Upper Management is happy to see the charts and graphs that are produced on the fly with no need to burden any of our employees to produce them.  Recently it has helped me tremendously to roll out a new advertising campaign which would have taken much more work if not for the Advanced Log Analyzer.  I would recommend the Advanced Log Analyzer to anyone who wants to know where people are going and what people are doing on their website".

Paul Day
Information Systems Manager
SiliconValley AOR

"After searching all over the web for a high-quality reasonably priced log analyzer that would allow our company to provide a important value added service to our customers without creating additional costs, we found "Advanced Log Analyzer". This program is robust, easy to install and manage and is a must for Web Site Administrators, Hosting Companies and small to medium size businesses that wish to see an immediate ROI. Customer support is prompt, friendly and knowledgeable and dollar for dollar is an outstanding program."

Harris Coltrain
IIS Administrator
BroadCast Zone(LLC)

"Advanced Log Analyzer allowed us to create detailed log analysis of our client's web sites for a fraction of the cost of many similar packages.  The ability to add custom filters to the reports and exclude specified file types in the analysis also allowed us to separate our clients visits to the site's management area from actual browsers of the site. Overall a good product at a reasonable price"

Michael Spencer
Epsilis Ltd
Business and Technology Centre

"I tested many different log file analyzer programs, but none of them give me what I really need: "how do users go through my site?". Most programs give me a "top 5 most used paths", but I want to know all of the paths used, and that is where Advanced Log Analyzer comes into place. It is the only program that can give me what I need: pertinent information about individual users."

Patrick van der Valk

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