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Why should I buy? Which version?

First of all, personal and professional licenses are fully identical, and they can be used to analyze multiple sites.
They differ only in the environment in which they are used.

For a long time we produced 4 versions of  the analyzer, differing by the number of reports they could produce. Unfortunately, many owners of home or small business sites could not handle purchasing the full version of the analyzer. Therefore we decided to make our analyzer accessible to the whole group of personal users, and we charge only $49 for the full version.

Which version should you buy? If you are going to use the program for your home site or even to analyze sites of your small business, buy our Personal license.
If you represent a company of more than 3 people, please purchase our Professional license.

Why should you buy the log analyzer?  A lot of people concentrate their efforts in producing a nicely designed web site, publishing good content. During the last 5 years so many sites have been built that now they struggle for even 10 or 100 visitors. So most of you have probably tried pay per click search engines like Overture and spent hundreds of dollars.
The problem is that people often invest their money, but they rarely analyze their return on investment because they don't have any convenient tool to do it. With our Advanced Log Analyzer we tried to make a really advanced tool in order to solve this problem. So why you would not buy the program for only $49 or $129 and save the hundreds of dollars that you spend on Overture?

Another reason to buy the program is because of our unique log analyzer reports. We have Web Model, User Models, User Profiles, Most Common User Paths and other reports. They can help you to represent flows of users on your site. Sometimes you might put the purchase link in the wrong part of your product's site. Visitors come to the product description page, and then they rarely go on to the purchase page. So a small fault in the design of your site can lead to potentially losing thousands of dollars. With our advanced reports you can see from where users come and where they go in your site, and then you can change the design of your site according to these flows.

A lot of people use freeware analyzers like Analog and Webalyzer. They are very good for simple day-to-day analysis, but if you really need advanced reports for the reasons given above we recommend you buy our Advanced Log Analyzer.

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