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How to use Advanced Log Analyzer effectively with dynamic sites?

Q: I have dynamic site www.aaa.com. Almost all pages are dynamic, for example,

About page:

Products page:

News page:

ALA displays stats only for default.asp page, how can I trace stats about "real" pages About, Products, News?

A: You can effectively handle it by using site filters. Logically you may transform you log file, so all dynamic pages becomes static. It's your choice how to choose name for such virtual pages. For example, instead of:

Use such naming:

In reality you don't need to change your web site structure, neither to change log file itself. Advanced Log Analyzer makes such changes on fly and very quickly by using Site filters.

In log file http://www.aaa.com/default.asp?menu=20 is recorded as /default.asp?menu=20 in href parameter.

So go to Sites tab, choose your web site www.aaa.com from the list, then check Show advanced options. Filters table appeared. Create two filters.

Filter #1:
Parameter: href
Condition: Includes
Value: /default.asp?menu=
Action: add_right
New value: .asp

Filter #2:
Parameter: href
Condition: Includes
Value: /default.asp?menu=
Action: replace_left
New value: /page

Or, alternatively you can open websites.ini file in text editor, then add under your site the following text:


Save the file. Open ALA and in Sites tab you could see two new filters added to you site.

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