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Operation Batch Replace

This advanced feature allows to make several replacements in the file at one time.

For instance, it's possible to make a simple pre-convector from C++ to Delphi.

For that we may specify:

Search for Replace with
{ begin
} end
|| or
&& and
Return Result:=

And then by pressing Execute button, AFR will find files with strings Search for and will replace all these strings with Replace with strings.

According to this example it will find all { chars in current file and replace it by begin string, then it will find all } and replace it by end string. It will be continued with all strings in the table. After completion of all replacement AFR will save modified file and it will start to make batch replacement in next matching file.

This feature is extremely useful for batch updating of hyperlinks of the pages of your site. Due to super optimized replacement operations, AFR make it very quickly.

Note: you may save table of replacements in configuration file. Use Save Configuration As option and then reload it by Open Configuration.

Import values from file

Sometimes when you enter a lot of strings for replacements it is very easy to create it by Excel or another editor and then import it to the table.

Before importing AFR will ask you for confirmation to delete all rows from the table and then create new table with values from the file.

AFR supports following file formats for importing:

CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) This is standard comma separated format, strings in this file look like: "hello world",test.

CSV (Semicolon delimited) (*.csv) Some versions of Excel save CSV files with semicolon separator, although Excel call them "Comma delimited".

Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) If you have any troubles with first two formats, use Tab delimited format, it will always work. Here colons of the table are separated by tab char.

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