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What's new

AFR v1.5.0

  • Feature: new look for buttons.
  • Feature: full-featured find, replace and batch replace in MS Word and Excel files.
  • Feature: Whole words option for find, replace, batch replace operations working both for plain text (TXT, HTM, ASP, PHP) and for Microsoft Office files.
  • Feature: pressing Enter button in search results opens all selected files.
  • Feature: support of drag and drop into Windows Explorer multiple files.
  • Feature: more correct and smooth saving of main window size and position.
  • Feature: possibility to maximize main window of Regular Expression Builder.
  • Bug fixed: a confirmation window was shown several times during replace operation when No answer was chosen.
  • Bug fixed: when configuration file was missed, an exception was raised.

    AFR v1.4.2

  • Bug fixed: Confirm before replace option was not recovered with command line params.
  • Bug fixed: Using of char escaping in regular expressions. Now it's possible to use \ escaping in replace part.
  • Bug fixed: long loading of program with enabled Norton Antivirus.
  • Feature: Improved algorithm for file iterations.
  • Feature: Delete several files at one in Search results by pressing Delete button, Shft+Delete and Select+A is also supported.
  • Feature: possibility to search for files that don't include specified keywords.
  • Attention: feature of processing of large files by one line does not work yet.
  • Feature: displaying search information in xml results.
  • Feature: saving state of Search For and Replace With Widths in Batch Replace.

    AFR v1.4.1

  • Feature: possibility to specify masks to exclude from search.
  • Bug fixed: confirm before replace did not work properly with regular expressions.
  • Small interface changes for batch replace with RE.

    AFR v1.4.0

  • Feature: Perl and Unix style regular expressions were added.
  • Feature: New panel for most common command: search in subfolders, case sensitive and confirm before replace.
  • Bug fixed: AFR did not understand uppercase parameters.
  • Note: in this version we changed registration keys, so if you are registered user and did not receive a new key, please contact us.

    AFR v1.3.5

  • Feature: Yes To All and Not To All for replace and batch replace operations.
  • Bug fixed: OR operation did not work correctly.
  • Tiny improvements of interface and documentation.

    AFR v1.3.4

  • Feature: Insert text BETWEEN fragments of text. Ex. you can delete code of banners that slightly differs on the pages.
  • Feature: When user deletes file from system by using context menu of AFR, the program also deletes it from Result list.
  • Feature: Resize batch replace grid when resizing main window.
  • Feature: "Save configuration" command and displaying name of configuration file in title of the program.
  • Bug fixed: AFR v1.3.3 could not work in evaluation mode due to some problems with new protection mechanism.

    AFR v1.3.3

  • Feature: Minimize to system tray.
  • Bug fixed: AFR could not search Read-Only files (for instance, files on CDs).
  • Bug fixed: in v1.3.2 Replace operation wrote Text to Find in lower case when using not case sensitive mode.

    AFR v1.3.2

  • Feature: Work with command line parameters. It allows automating of your business process.
  • Feature: Saving results in XML file with detailed information.
  • Feature: Optimized work with large files. For example, for processing a file with size of 100MB, speed is increased in 3.5 times!

    AFR v1.3.1

  • Feature: Right clip popup menu as in normal windows explorer.
  • Feature: Import values for Batch replace table from Excel files.
  • Feature: Delete trailing CRLFs.
  • Bug fixed: In batch replace if "Confirm before replace" was checked, AFR could not find files.
  • Bug fixed: In replace operation if "case sensitive" was checked, AFR could not sometimes to find files for replacements.
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes when AFR could not open file it stopped to search rest of the files.

    AFR v1.3.0

  • Big feature was added: Batch replace. Now AFR can make batch replacements of several strings in the files. It's very useful when you want to update several hyperlinks in one time or, for instance, translate, C++ files into Pascal files.
  • Feature: Open/Save configuration of the program.
  • Bug fixed: AFR could not search string length of one char.
  • Bug fixed: during file search without query, AFR displayed list of files in Results, but it wrote that found 0 files.

    AFR v1.2.4

  • Bug fixed: during replace operations AFR sometimes could not find the strings to replace.
  • Some corrections in documentation and programs interface were made.

    AFR v1.2.3

  • New feature: saving results of find/replace in a file. Just right click on results list and then choose "Save Results". You can save results in the file of different formats: html, txt, csv.
  • Bug fixed: when performing Find operation sometimes there were duplicating files in search results. I was when user specified "duplicating" search mask like *.htm* *.html.

    AFR v1.2.2

  • Sorting results by any parameters (date, size, found).
  • Program's interface was corrected for using with large system fonts.

    AFR v1.2:

  • Drag and Drop files from results window.
  • Small bug in displaying of results was fixed.
  • Small bug on Replace panel were fixed. Now AFR don't raise exception, if it can't open a file.

    AFR v1.1: A lot of bugs were fixed. Now AFR became more stable, robust and fast.

  • Now AFR can search not only documents (html, txt, cpp, java, etc), but also any files, for instance search information inside big *.log files or even executables.
  • Due to word warping, it was not possible to replace WIDE fragments of text. Now this option is switched off and any fragments of text can be replaced.
  • New algorithms of text searching were applied, they are also optimized by assembler code. So AFR 1.1 became in 2.5 times faster!
  • Some problems with searching masks were fixed. With new techniques of searching its even possible just to set *.* mask.
  • AFR 1.0 displayed search results in sorted view only when search was finished. Now it can display results on fly and, after completion of the search, show sorted results.