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For people using AFR illegally

During more than one year of existence, Advanced Find and Replace became very popular among webmasters and programmers. Hundreds of people use registered versions of AFR, but still thousands use illegal, corrupted by cracks versions of the program.

This is a short message for people who still use unregistered version of AFR. Since v1.3.1 our program uses strongest protection algorithm, during more than one year the programs using the same protection mechanism still were not cracked. It means that you have just possibility to use old versions of AFR or register your own version and become registered user.

Registration of one license costs only 29$, believe me, it costs one good dinner at a good restaurant, but once purchased version of our program will save your enormous amount of time and will give your hundreds of free hours.

With registered version you will get:

Fast support and answers of your technical questions. Normally we answer on all customers' questions during one business day.

Realization of additional features that still don't present in current version. Our customers supposed about 40% of all features in current version of AFR. So, if you think that you need some feature that does not exist in AFR let us know and we will implement it.

Newsletter with information about new versions of the program and tips and tics about using it.

You will support further developments of the program and let us know that AFR is really useful for you.

Note, that you register AFR only once and you will never pay for upgrades of this program!

We hope that you will become our new customer and will continue to use Advanced Find and Replace.

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