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Translate user interface into your native language

You noticed that pressing main menu View - Language - Translate in your language does not automatically translate interface into your native language.

To do that follow the simple and strain forward steps:

Using Windows Explorer go to the installation folder of the program.

For example, if program is Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale then default installation folder is:

C:\Program Files\Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale 11\

Then explore Language folder. There you find *.lng files that describe user interface. They are simple text files.

Create copy of English.lng file by using Copy File command of Windows Explorer.

For example, you want to create French translation file. So rename Copy of English.lng into French.lng.

Then start Notepad or your favorite editor and open (using *.* mask) French.lng file.

You should see, for example the following text inside the file:


5="New order"

So all you need to do: translate all English words and phrases into language of your choice. For example:


5="Nouv. commande"

That's all. Start the program again and in View - Language you will see created new language.

Just few tips:

If you have the field:


It means that it represents some kind of drop down list or DB table. Where | is used as a separator. So be careful during translation don't remove | chars.

If you see the line:

16="Pa&yment Methods..."

In this place & means short key accelerator for char y. It's used in menus and buttons. It's not required tag. And in you translation you may not to use it.

If you see the line:

167="Thank you for your registration.||Please, restart the application."

Here is || means new line. Normally you should keep all || in your translation.

If you see the line:

23="Phrase~search given query as one long phrase "

Here is ~ means a Hint separator. So in this example: Phrase is caption and search given query as one long phrase is hint. Be careful and don't remove ~ chars.

If you see the line:

11="&Clear      "

You see some spaces before " it's about alignment. If in your translation you remove these spaces, some captions could not be aligned to left side in one vertical line with other buttons.

That's all.

Please verify that all captions are correctly displayed.

After everything works fine, please send your language file to support@abacre.com. We will integrate your language file into distribution file of the program and thousands of people talking your native language will be able to use the program as you do.