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Transfer order to another table

After pressing Transfer Order button the window "Transfer order to another table" will popup.
The window has one field: Destination table.
Type the destination table and press Transfer button.

There are mainly two situations:
the destination table is empty (there are no open orders on it).
the destination table is busy (there are one or more open orders on it).

Thus during the transfer the confirmation window may be shown asking to merge the orders.

It's better to demonstrate the merging processing by example.

For example on table #1 you have order #110. The table #1 is busy. The order #110 has items: cake, tea
On table #5 you have order #105. The order has items: cola, fanta.

When you try to transfer order #105 from table #5 to table #1 you see the "Confirmation" window:
Do you want to merge order #105 with order #110?
If you answer No you will get two order under table #1:
order #105: cola, fanta.
order #110: cake, tea

And this is correct. You pressed No and the order #105 was transferred to table #1.
Now how is it possible to open the order #110. Should we close the order #105 first and then he will see order #110?
The answer: go to Orders window. Locate order #110. Press Show Order button. Thus it does not needed to close order #105. Please explain it to your customer.

Now: on "Confirmation" window - do you want to merge order #105 and #110 if you after "Yes" then all items from order #105 (cola, fanta) will be joined to order #110. As a result on table #1 you will see only one order #110 with items in it:
cola, fanta, cake, tea.

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