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Our software supports unlimited number of multilevel (hierarchical) tasks. You may split big task into smaller number of tasks, thus you may create multilevel tree of tasks.
For example, you may use it for purchasing lists, job task or anything else.

You may search for task using Ctrl+F shortcut. You may delete a task by pressing Delete button on it. You may use Copy/Paste operation on tasks (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). Right-click on a task you will see which actions you may do on tasks.

There are two types of tasks: actions (you may complete the task by clicking on Done checkbox) or progress tasks (you may move progress slider from 0 to 100). Once child task is completed the progress is populated to all parent tasks.

Another useful button is Show or Hide finished tasks. Press on this button and you will see only unfinished tasks. Press on it again and you will see all tasks (finished and unfinished). It’s useful to show only unfinished tasks when you have many tasks.
Tasks are available in Standard and Professional licenses.

If you don’t want to show Tasks window for some workers then you have to go to menu Configuration – Tasks and uncheck the security option: Show Tasks window. The corresponding security roles must be assigned to needed workers.

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