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Stock Locations

With stock locations feature it’s possible to separate stock into several locations, for example, bar and restaurant.

First of all you need to setup sales locations. Normally you need to create two sales locations: Restaurant and Bar.


  1. Go to menu Configuration - Stock Locations.
  2. We have created default stock location: Main. You may rename it into Restaurant.
  3. Then add new stock location with name Bar.
  4. Then go to menu Configuration - Sales Locations.
  5. For sales location: Restaurant assign stock location: Restaurant
  6. For sales location: Bar assign stock location: Bar
  7. Restart the program.

That's all.

Now when you see menu Configuration - Menu items - inventory tab
It will show on hand cost and qty for current stock location.

Before closing shift worker (barman) must correct stock:
Go to menu Inventory - Physical Inventory.

We record each stock update into database: date/time and worker ID.
So it will be possible in future create new reports about stock corrections by workers if needed.

We added also new inventory reports (there are two group of reports
for all location and for current location).

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