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Sending Epson command to printer

When working with Epson or Epson compatible printers it's possible to send Epson commands in bill's templates.

Why do you need Epson commands? There is a huge list of possible commands. Most command commands are cutting paper, changing characher set, changing font.
In Abacre Point of Sale you insert as many commands as you want in any positions of bill's template.
The format for the commands is


Where is number is a decimal number. Hex numbers are not supported yet.
For example, the command ESC t 0 may be used to switch codepage of printer:


Where is 27 is decimal of ESC, 116 is decimal of t char. 

Usually you need to put codepage changing command at the beginning of the bill. While changing font's size and other commands may be added to any place of the bill's template.

Note: these commands are currently supported for "Direct" printing module of "Windows Driver" Printing method and in "Direct to Serial port" printing method.

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