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Understanding dates in reports

Each order has two dates:

  1. Start Date - start date is recorded when first item is added to order.
  2. End Date - end date is recorded when Close Order button is successfully pressed (payment was taken etc).

Window Orders shows only Start Date.

But all reports (sales by day/week/etc, journal) are created based on filtering End Date.

One exception is related to z-out and end of day report.

The difference between sales by day report and z-out/end of day report is explained as the following:

All sales by day/week/month and other reports count sales from 0:00 to 23:59 based on filtering End Date.

While z-out/end of day reports count "working day". So the working day may be finished at 1:30 at night, for example. This could be a problem in difference between these two types of reports.

In future versions we will add End Date column to window Orders. Thus it will be more clear with understanding reports.

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