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Printing by running command

With this printing method you may create your own printing program and use it with Abacre Point of Sale.

It's better you create a batch file (BAT) when running on Windows or SH file when using Abacre Point of Sale on Linux.
Here is the example how it's possible to call it:
myprint.bat "{$billfile}"

You may use as many parameters are you want. For example,
myprint.bat "{$billfile}" /param2 /param3

There is instead of {$billfile} Abacre Point of Sale will put the real path to bill's file.

In most cases on Windows this bill's file will contain spaces. Thus it's better to surround it with double quotes.

The program may how "file not found" error for the cases when you use long commands like on Linux:

cat {$billfile} | iconv --from-code=ISO-8859-1 --to-code=CP437 > /dev/ttyS0

Instead you need to create SH file, for example, myprint.sh with the code inside:

cat $1 | iconv --from-code=ISO-8859-1 --to-code=CP437 > /dev/ttyS0

Then in Abacre Point of Sale in Printing Command field use:

myprint.sh {$billfile}

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