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Price Levels

With Price Levels it's possible to setup several groups of prices for the same items. For example, it's possible to setup:

  • VIP Customers 10%
  • Employees 15%
  • Wholesale 30%

Go to menu Configuration - Price Levels. Then add needed number of price levels. It's possible to use any number of price levels.
Markdown is the discount to regular price.
For example, if the regular price of item is $100. Then markdown equals to 10 means 10% discount of the regular price.
Thus the price for item with 10% markdown will be $90.
It you need set price higher than regular price you have to use a negative value. Thus -10 for markdown will mean 10 markup. Thus the price for item will be $110.

After setup of price levels on Price Levels window go to menu Configuration - Preferences - Inventory tab.
Check "Use Price Levels" option.
Select "Default Price Level". This price level will be used for new orders.
That's all.

Then on New Order window create a new order. Select Price Level for it.
Then add items to order. The items will be added with discounted prices according to chosen price level's markdown.

Note: Price Levels are available only in Standard and Professional licenses.

Note: In current version of software:

  • Price Levels do not work on items modifiers.
  • It's not possible to set individual price levels for an item.
  • It's not possible to set price level for a client.

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