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Option: Show More button On Login for non admin workers

This option is located at menu Configuration – Preferences - General.
By default this option is ON. It means that even non-admin workers may press More button on Login window to change Path to database or Server name.

Turn this option OFF if you need to disable showing More button on Login window for non-admin workers.

In current version admin user on Login window is simply identified by username: admin. So when this option OFF then anyone still may type admin in user name and More option will because visible.

It anyway it's very simple security check. But it may prevent changing Path to Database and Server name in most of the real cases.

Note: if there are no users with administrators rights in system: then you should anyway type admin in username and More button will become

Why we cannot automatically show More button for other users (without admin as username) with administrators rights? Because we cannot identify user as administrator without connecting to database first. And to connect to database we need to know path to database.

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