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Offline Activation

Offline activation does not require internet connection on computer
where software is installed.

  1. Start Abacre Point of Sale.
  2. You should see activation window. If you don't see activation window it means that you need to register software with purchased registration key then activate it.
  3. Select Offline activation.
  4. On the next window you will see Workstation Key.
  5. Write down Workstation Key or create a text file in Notepad, copy/paste Workstation Key in this text file and save the file on USB flash drive. You can also send your Workstation Key to support@abacre.com We will send you back your Activation Key.
  6. Go to any computer with Internet connection.
  7. Go to http://www.abacre.com/support/
  8. Login with your Abacre ID and password. If you just purchased software and don't have yet Abacre ID/password then use I forgot my Abacre ID or password link to get it.
  9. Click on your license.
  10. Click on Activate link.
  11. Type or paste your Workstation Key.
  12. Press Activate button.
  13. You will get Activation Key. Write down Activation Key or save in text file in USB drive.
  14. Go to computer where Abacre Point of Sale is installed.
  15. Type or Paste your Workstation Key.
  16. Press Activate button.

That's all. Your license will be activated.