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Release v2.0 of Abacre Restaurant Server

* Improvement: Abacre Restaurant Server is now in sync with the latest version of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.
* Feature: Abacre Restaurant Server works now in multi-threaded mode. It results in increasing server's speed in 3 times at least.
* Feature: added Company field on vendor Clients page.
* Feature: added Search box on vendor Web pages.
* Feature: added Duplicate button on vendor Web pages.
* Feature: added support of Weighted Average inventory method. Advanced inventory management must be still performed via our desktop applications.
* Feature: On vendor Order page the Take Payment, Close Order and Delete Order buttons are shown only for workers with Is Cashier or Is Admin security rights.
* Improvement: Redesigned interface of page headers.
* Feature: On vendor Order page Items and Addresses are organized now in tabs.
* Improvement: vendor Web pages are sorted in descending order by default.
* Improvement: improved search on Notes page.
* Improvement: Clients are sorted by default in descending order on Clients page of vendor panel.
* Improvement: search box on main index page is moved right to logo.
* Improvement: Notes pages became available in Standard license too. Previously it was available only in Professional license.