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Release of minor versions of Abacre Point of Sale products

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale


Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale v9.4
Abacre Retail Point of Sale v8.4
Abacre Hotel Management System v6.4
Abacre Cash Register v5.4
Abacre Inventory Management and Control v5.4

The list of changes:

* Feature: added new option "Show Item Code field" on menu Configuration - Preferences - Order - Order Buttons. With this option it's possible to show or hide Item Code field on Order window.

* Improvement: on menu Configuration - Preferences - Menu Items it was possible to specify item's width and height up to 200 pixels. Now we increased this size to 1000 pixels. This size is used to display items as buttons on Order window.

* Bug fixed: it was possible to remove item by pressing - (minus) and entering quantity like 1 for notified items even if "Can remove notified items" option was unchecked on on menu Configuration - Preferences - Order - Item Buttons.