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Release of minor versions of classical Abacre Point of Sale products

Abacre Cash Register


Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale v12.8
Abacre Retail Point of Sale v11.8
Abacre Hotel Management System v9.8
Abacre Cash Register v8.8
Abacre Inventory Management and Control v8.8

The list of changes:

* Feature: added a possibility to track task's execution time on Tasks window. Watch video tutorial:
* Feature: added Use Tickets option on menu Configuration - Preferences - General.
* Feature: added Code, Series, Ticket Count columns on menu
Configuration - Order Types.
* Feature: clicking on total difference label on Transaction Journal will fill the selected credit or debit field with the total difference.
* Feature: added Number field on Transaction Journal window.
* Feature: added possibility to sort transaction table by any column on Transaction Journal window.
* Feature: added new "Duplicate" button on Transaction Journal window.
* Feature: added new "Reverse" button on Transaction Journal window.
* Feature: added new option "Automatically create transaction numbers" on Accounting tab of Preferences window.
* Feature: added new bill configuration parameter: {$paymentcount} which shows number of payments for order.
* Feature: added new template type: Bill. Now it's possible to use several templates for  bills.
Watch video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuQgxzfyrd0
* Feature: added new reports: X-Out Status and Z-Out Monthly with corresponding template types on Templates window.
* Feature: added Barcode Type field on menu Configuration - Items. Now it's possible to define barcode type as: Normal, Price-based or Weight-based.
* Bug fixed: all lines of bill could be printed in one line in case if bill's template is started with empty line.