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Release of minor versions of classical Abacre Point of Sale products

Abacre Cash Register


Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale v12.5
Abacre Retail Point of Sale v11.5
Abacre Hotel Management System v9.5
Abacre Cash Register v8.5
Abacre Inventory Management and Control v8.5

The list of changes:

* Feature: added progress bar on Data Import window.
* Improvement: Data Import window does not freeze during import of many
* Feature: added new Inventory On Hand by Items Details report.
* Feature: on menu Configuration - Items - Import Items button added the
following new columns for import: Category Name, Cost, Qty and Sales
* Feature: added new Create Receive Voucher button on Purchase Order
window. This button is used to create a receive voucher based on
purchase order. The button works on closed purchase orders.
* Feature: added new Create Return Voucher button on Receive Voucher
window. This button is used to create a return voucher based on
receive voucher. The button works on closed receive vouchers.
* Feature: added new Duplicate order button on Purchase Order, Receive
Voucher, Return Voucher windows. This button may be used to create a
copy of existing voucher/purchase order.
* Feature: added new Report: Profit Margin by Items Details.
* Feature: added new button Update Stock on Inventory tab of menu
Configuration - Items window. This button may be used to set total new
on hand qty and total new cost.
* Feature: implemented new report: Sales by sales location.
* Feature: Client's Statement of Account report displayed account's
authorized amount and remaining amount when using without the option:
Use Due Dates.
* Feature: added new option on menu Configuration - Preferences - Take
Payment: "Automatically put remaining total due to client's account".
* Feature: added Sales Location filter for all sales, taxes and profit
margin reports.
* Feature: added Stock Location filter for on all Inventory On Hand and
Inventory Journal reports.
* Bug fixed: Date and time filter did not work for these reports:
Average serving time by server, Average serving time by waitress.
* Bug fixed: an error message could be shown on during order pickup in
multi-store mode.
* Bug fixed: Average on hand cost field on Inventory tab of menu
Configuration - Items was not displayed.
For hotels:
* Feature: added new Hotel Daily Sales Report.