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Release of major version of Advanced Find and Replace v8.0

The list of changes:

* Feature: Support of MS Office 2016.
* Feature: Experimental support of MS Office 2019.
* Improvement: Improved support of MS Office 2013.
* Feature: when using AFR with command line parameters it's now possible to produce several result files of different formats at once. You should use comma as separator in -result and -format parameters. For example:
-result "C:\test\result.xml,C:\test\result.htm" -format:xml,html
* Feature: on main window - for Size field added "G Bytes".
* Improvement: Improved Windows 10 compatibility.
* Improvement: Improved user interface on High-DPI screens.
* Bug fixed: Find in MS Office files option was not saved correctly.
* Bug fixed: The program could freeze when Search For text was empty on Batch Replace.