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Inventory: working with packs

For example, you sell 6x330ML packs of Beer A bottles (330ML each bottle). How to work with it in Abacre Point of Sale?

You should create two items:

First item:
Name: Beer A
on inventory tab:
check: Is Sale Item
check: Is Purchase Item
check: Is Stock Item

Second item:
Name: Beer A 6x pack
on inventory tab:
check: Is Sale Item
uncheck: Is Purchase Item (so you say you don't purchase it in packs, because you want to count your inventory on bottle/unit level)
uncheck: Is Stock Item (the same as above).
on Components tab add a component:
name: Beer A
qty: 6

That's all.
On New order window you may see two items:
 Beer A
 Beer A 6x pack

And when you sell "Beer A 6x pack" it from stock you will see deduction of 6 units after closing order.
On menu Inventory - Physical Inventory you will see just one item: Beer A.
And the same for Inventory On Hand reports - Beer A item is listed there. But Beer A 6x pack is not listed. 

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