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Printing bills using HTML printing module

In order to print using HTML printing module:

  1. Using Windows drivers option must be selected on Bill Configuration - Printer tab.
  2. Use HTML printing module option must be selected on Bill Configuration - Parameters tab.

Then on Template tab you may use any HTML tags and CSS stylesheets.

Everything may be formated: font name, font weight, font color, text position etc.

See video tutorial on Youtube demonstrating this feature.

If you are not familiar with HTML then you may use any HTML editor to create needed template. And then paste it into Template tab.

We recommend using the following free HTML editors:


  • On Advanced tab you may use printing margin parameters. These margin parameters are used for HTML printing module only.
  • You cannot use with HTML printng module the following options from Parameters tab:
    • Show menu item icons
    • Icon scale factor
    • Auto cut bill
    • Cutting rate
    • Print in center of paper (using corresponding HTML tags instead)
    • Show property logo (using HTML image tag)

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