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How to speedup printing using Generic Text Only printer driver?

Sometime your receipt printer may print slow via manufacturer's Windows driver. The best solution is to use OPOS driver. You will achieve the best printing speed. But some printers do not have OPOS drivers or you simply cannot find OPOS drivers.

In this case the best choice is to use Generic Text Only printer driver supplied with any version of Windows.

Read the following step-by-step instructions:

In Windows bottom-left corner press Start button.

Go to Control panel.

Go to Devices and Printers.

Press "Add a printer" button.

Press "Add a local printer"

Check "Use existing port"
Note: it is a very important step.
Most of old printers work via COM (serial ports). So you normally should select from COM1 to COM9.
Very old printers work via parallel ports in this case select from LTP1 to LTP3.
But modern printers use USB ports. But you need to select the "right" USB port starting from USB1.
Note: if you select a wrong port the printer will not print.
But you may select any port you think is right. You may change it later.
For example, you select USB1 port.

Press Next button.
You may wait few seconds until Windows will populate list of manufacturers and printers. (Do not use Windows Update or Have Disk buttons. It's not needed).

On the next page:
On the left part (Manufacturer) select: Generic
On the right part (Printers) select: Generic / Text Only printer.

Press Next.

Type printer name. But default it displays the name: Generic / Text Only
But you may use any printer's name. For example, you may call it Generic or Bill.
This name will be later used in Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.

Press Next.

You will see "Installing printer driver" message.

On Printer Sharing window select: Do not share this printer.
Press Next.

On the next window you may uncheck the option: Set as the default printer

Press Finish.

Go to Control Panel - Devices and Printers.
Locate your generic printer.
Right click on it.
Select "Printer properties".
You may try to press Print a test page button.
If it does not work open Notepad and try to print a simple text from
Notepad to this printer.
If it does not print then on "Printer properties" window go to Ports
tab. Select another port.
And try again to print a test page or print a simple text from

After successful print you may start Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.

  1. Go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Printer.
  2. Select print using Windows driver.
  3. Then select your generic printer.

Press OK.

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