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Flat tax

In some cases you may need to use a flat tax. For example, in hotels flat tax may be used for room charges. It's called tourism levy in some countries. For example, $10 per night per room.

  1. Go to menu Configuration – Property Settings – Taxes and Tips. Flat tax is only available for second tax (state/province tax).
  2. Check Calculate state/province tax.
  3. Set Tax Name: Levy
  4. Select Flat Tax for tax calculation formula.
  5. In Tax rate, % put 10.00. In this case it means $10.

For hotels,

  1. Go to menu Hotel – Room Types.
  2. Check on needed room type.
  3. Check on Levy.
  4. Press Save button.

That's all.

Now on Stay window press print Folio button. You will see Levy tax column in front of room charge.