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End of Day

There are 4 types of order states:

  1. Open – when some menu items were added to an empty order and payment in full was not yet received.
  2. Closed – the payment was received in full for the order.
  3. Reconciled – after cashier performed Reconcile Cash Drawer command.
  4. Z-closed – after closing the whole restaurant.

The typical cashier's day working procedure:

  1. Cashier starts her day by creating a shift in main menu – View – Shifts by pressing Clock In button.
  2. Then she performs Enter Begin Cash command of main menu – Actions. On this window she counts money found in cash drawer.
  3. After that this workstation may start accepting new orders.
  4. At the end of shift the cashier should execute main menu – Actions – Reconcile Cash drawer command. There she counts money in cash drawer. So Reconcile Cash Drawer command works only for current cash drawer. All orders assigned to this transaction will be reconciled and Z-Out Cash Drawer report will be produced.
  5. The cashier may execute main menu – View - Shifts - Clock Out command.
  6. At the end of day cashier or administrator should execute main menu – Actions – End of Day Process command. This command z-close all reconciled orders passed through all workstations (cash drawers). Z-Out Restaurant Close Report will be produced. Alternatively it's possible to backup all data into backup file and upload sales data on remote FTP server for further analysis (for example, for third-party inventory software).

Note: there are maybe several cash drawer reconciliations during the same cashier's shift.

Note: only administrators and cashiers can access Enter Begin Cash, Reconcile Cash Drawer and End of Day commands.

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