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Direct registration method

Sometimes after entering registering the program with purchased registration key the error messages may be displayed after running the program or the program may run again in trial mode. In most cases it's a problem of trailing spaces before or after registration key. Or you are trying to type the key instead of using copy/paste Windows Clipboard commands.

In this case it's better to use the direct registration method. The main idea is that you download the registration key as a file from our support site, then you run it and it enters the registration key directly into Windows Registry. Even if the registration key was entered with spaces or incorrect chars it will be replaced by correct registration key using this direct registration method.

Please following to the step-by-step instructions to use the direct registration method:

  1. Login into our support site with your Abacre ID and password. If you don't know your Abacre ID and password then you should use the link: I forgot my Abacre ID and password. Note: your Abacre ID and password are created automatically after you purchase our software. You only need to retrieve it using the link above.
  2. After login go to list of your licenses.
  3. Click on a desired license.
  4. Right click on the link download direct registration file and from popup window use the command "Save link as...".
  5. Save the regkey.reg file somewhere on your computer. For example, you may save it on your desktop.
  6. Note: regkey.reg file contains only textual information. You may open it with Notepad if you want and review it. This information saves the registration key directly into Windows Registry. Therefore some antivirus software may complain about downloading or running the regkey.reg file. Thus you need to ignore these complains/warnings.
  7. After downloading regkey.reg you may run it by double-clicking on it.
  8. You will get the message from Windows: "Registry information is updated".
  9. Press OK.
  10. Now you may run our program.
  11. The program becomes registered.

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