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Datacap NETePay

With using Datacap NETePay technology you have access to all major USA processors like First Data, Mercury, TSYS and others.

Before using Abacre Point of Sale with NETePay you need to setup and run NETePay server.

Abacre Point of Sale works with NETePay via dsiPDCX ActiveX Control. Thus you need to download this control from official page:
Click on Client Controls link. Click on dsiPDCX link.

Or click here to directly download needed control.
Install this control by running downloaded exe file. Restart the computer.

dsiPDCX is out-of-scope control. It means that Abacre Point of Sale does not get any raw data from credit cards. It's a responsibility of dsiPDCX to work with hardware like MSR or Pad and then to securely pass card information to NETePay server.

Therefore the short list of actions to do to work with NETePay:

  1. Install and setup NETePay server. Create correct configuration for your processor.
  2. Install dsiPDCX as explained above.
  3. Fill NETePay related fields on Preferences window of Abacre Point of Sale.

For the last point read the instructions below:

  1. Go to menu Configuration - Preferences - Credit Cards.
  2. Check "Process Credit Cards"
  3. Select Datacap NETePay as Credit Card Payment Gateway.

Fill all needed fields:

  • Merchant ID
  • Terminal ID. Fill this field if it's only provided and required by your processor. Otherwise leave it empty.
  • PAD Type. Select None if you don't use a pad. Otherwise select needed pad from the list (read NETePay manuals for supported pads).
  • Secure Device. Read the manual of NETePay and select correct device like MSR.
  • COM Port. Select device COM port. For USB-HIB attached devices use zero (0) otherwise use correct port number.
  • List of Host Names. You may setup of NETePay server or several NETePay servers for reliability. In case of using several NETePay servers separate each host name (or IP) by ;
  • Client-Server Password. You may configure NETePay server to use password for connection. Otherwise leave this field empty.
  • Press OK on Preferences window.

Close and start the program again.

Now go to menu Configuration - Payment methods.
Verify that you have at least one payment method like Visa or MasterCard or just credit card. It may be a payment method with any name. The most important is that such payment method should use Card as Media Type.

That's all.

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