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Database upgrade

When we implement new features in some cases we create new data structures in database. Sometimes we add new columns or remove existing columns. Each database has version number.

On Login window our software verify version number and then if it detects that version number is old then it shows a dialog asking to upgrade database:

You are trying to access database created by new version of the software.
Please update the software with new version.
Then try to access database again.

Normally all you need to do is to press OK and your database will be upgraded automatically.

There is just one important moment: when several computers are connected to database. Then we recommend:
Close all programs connected to database.
Install the update first on the server computer. Where the database file is located.
Then start the program and login to database from this server computer.
After that you may install the updated version of the program on all other computers.

Another important note:
Before upgrading the database the program creates a backup file of your database.
On Login window press More button. You will see path to database.
For example, your database file is arpos-test.fdb
Then before starting the database upgrade the program creates a copy of this file and saved it with .bak file extension:
Thus in case of any major database upgrade problems you may still get your original database file by renaming arpos-test.fdb.bak to arpos-test.fdb. But in this case you also need to install the needed version of the program working with this version of database.