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Arabic language support in Abacre Point of Sale

Arabic language is supported in Abacre Point of Sale. It's effectively used in many Arabic countries.

To enable Arabic language: go to menu View - Language - Arabic.
User interface will be in Arabic language.
You may also translate missing English parts of text into Arabic.

Note: for each menu item you can use name field for item's name for example, in English
and you may use Alternative Name field and you may type item's name in Arabic.
Then to kitchen you may print items in both English and Arabic.

Note: on some computers Arabic language is not fully enabled in Windows. Please follow to the procedures to enable complete support of Arabic for your Windows computer:

  1. Go to Windows control panel - type "Regional" to see regional settings.
  2. For Location you should select your country. After than you will see Arabic keyboard layout in your bottom-right corner of window (near clock).
  3. Then the most important step: Select Arabic language for "Current language for non-Unicode programs"
  4. Restart computer.

Thus, most probably, you already have enabled Arabic keyboard (step # 2) but you did not select Arabic language on step #3. Do that and our software will display user interface in Arabic.

That's all.

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