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Accept credit cards when workstation is offline

On all workstation:

  1. Go to menu Configuration - Preferences - Credit Cards.
  2. Check the option: "Accept credit cards when workstation is offline".
  3. Press OK.
  4. Restart the program.

Now where there is no Internet connection credit card information is recorded into database in encrypted way. Order will stay opened. You may work with other orders.

When Internet connection is available:

  1. You should locate all these open orders on windows Orders.
  2. Click on one of such orders to display the order on Order window.
  3. Press Close Order window.
  4. It will show you Take Payment window.
  5. On Take Payment window press OK.
  6. It will ask "There is unprocessed credit card payment for this order. Do you want to process it right now?"
  7. Answer with Yes.
  8. The credit card will be processed. And the order will be automatically closed.

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