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Abacre Script

Abacre Script is a Turing-complete programming language integrated into Abacre Point of Sale products.

We though about integration of other popular scripting languages like Python or Perl. These languages are quite heavy and integration would be not quite smooth. By invention of our programming language we are now in 100% control of all aspects from execution speed to computer security.

Abacre Script is a Turing-complete programming language. Turing-complete languages may implement any algorithms. Specifically for Abacre Point of Sale it means that using this language it's possible to create now any layout of bills or invoices. It's possible to create a dynamic layout based on very complex conditions. For example, as a simple case, it's possible to show a delivery address on bill/invoice only for Delivery orders and don't show it for other order types. Later we will add Abacre Script into other parts of the program (not only bill and invoice generation processes).

More language descriptions will come later. Now it's important to understand that layout of bill or invoice may be completely customized. And we may create custom scripts for you. Please contact support if you need to customize some advanced use cases for bills or invoices.

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