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Creating new projects

Click Project -> New project or simply click New project button on toolbar to create a new project.

Project settings window will appear. Now you need to enter a name of your new project in Project name field, for example "my project". Then you need to define a path in your local computer where your website files are storied, just click Browse button and choose a folder.
FTP server parameters:
  • Host is a name of your ftp server. For example ftp.yoursite.com
  • User name and password are used in order to connect to your ftp server. It could be different from the username/password for your web server.
  • Remote path specifies location on the remote ftp server where uploaded files will be stored. For example, "/User01/Myfiles/Upload".
  • Port is the port of the ftp server. Normally it's 21, and you don't need to change it.

    Click Advanced tab to edit advanced options of your project such as threads uploading settings, time difference settings, additional FTP settings. For more information see Advanced settings section. Click Filters tab to edit filters settings. For more information about filters see Filters section.

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