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How to backup ARTPOS data?

Use Windows Backup or one of commercial products, for example, Abacre Backup.

The backup program should backup the following files located in
\My Documents\Abacre Retail Point of Sale 8\

  • default.cfg (main configuration file)
  • billtemp.cfg (bill configuration file)
  • artpos.fdb or artpos-test.fdb (DB file, to check out which DB file you use in production: in Login window press More button).

These files contains all needed data for recovery. You may download the program itself any time from our web site.

If you want to simply put database and configuration files into a zip archive then execute the command in menu Help - Backup. It will create a backup file with your database and configuration files and open backup folder after that. Note: if you are using several computers working in network then this command must be executed on server computer.

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