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Client Discounts

On Clients window you may specify client discount as percentage. For example, for concrete client you may set 3% discount. It works the following way:

  1. Create new order by adding item to it.
  2. Then go to Details tab and press Choose Client button.
  3. Select desired client.
  4. As result you will see order's discount 3% (in our example) will be automatically applied to order.

Note: Clients window also contains client's barcode field. Thus you may use these fields together in the following way: you may setup clients VIP cards. Each card will contain individual barcode. And you specify client discount on Client window.

The next time you need to select client simply scan client's VIP card using barcode reader and the client will be automatically selected for order and client's discount will be also applied to order.

You need to enable barcode scanner by checking option Use Barcode Reader for Client Cards located on menu Configuration Preferences Hardware - Barcode Reader.

The same way you may use client card with magnetic strips. You need to use MSR for that.

The procedure is the following:

  1. Install OPOS drivers for MSR.
  2. Go to menu Configuration Preferences Hardware MSR
  3. Check Use MSR
  4. Specify LDN.
  5. Check Use MSR for Client Cards.
  6. Now on Clients window for each client specify code field.

Then use writing software for MSR and for each client write client's code on T1 track (other tracks may contain any information: for example, track T2 may contain first name and surname).

After that each time you swipe client's card on Client window the corresponding client will be selected.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating this feature.

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