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Downloading pictures

Welcome to using Abacre Photo Downloader!

This manual is intended to help you get started with Abacre Photo Downloader.  Here you'll find instructions on how to use Abacre Photo Downloader to achieve a good result in downloading images from Internet, how to do it more faster and simply.

Are you new to APD? Read Getting started first!

Let's begin.

First of all you need to create a new Site. Click Site -> New Site.  Also you can create a new Site simply by clicking new Site button. 


In appeared Site settings window edit Start URL, Title, Picture download folder and Download mode options values.

Edit Start URL value by entering a full path to Web Site or Web page from where you want to download all images. For example: http://www.abacre.com or http://www.abacre.com/download.htm . Then you may enter a Title - description of your Site. For example: My first download . Edit Picture download folder value - a path, where downloaded files will be saved. Also you can use browse button. For example: C:\My downloaded pictures\ . And the last, you need to choose a Download mode. By default, choose from specified page only. For more information about Download mode, please see Download mode section. Click Ok button to apply changes.

My first download site will appear in Sites section. Now you can start your first download by clicking Site -> Start download or simply by clicking Start download button on toolbar or clicking Site -> Start download.

Anytime you can stop downloading process by clicking Site -> Stop download or using Stop download button on toolbar.

If you wish to edit Site settings,  use Site settings button or click Site -> Site settings...

You can remove a site from the Sites section by clicking Site -> Delete Site or using Delete Site button on toolbar.


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