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Payment methods configuration

To set up payment methods configuration click Configuration -&gt Payment methods. Note that you should have an administrator's access rights to access payment methods configuration.

Payments can be accepted by cash, credit cards, checks or by other payment methods.

By default Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale offers next payment methods:

  • Cash.
  • Check.
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard / EuroCard.
  • American Express.
  • Diners Club.

You can easily add another payment method by clicking Add button of using Insert key on your keyboard. If you wish to edit payment method choose it from the list and click Edit button. You can easily delete any method by choosing it from the list of all existing methods and clicking Delete button or using Delete key on your keyboard. Active payment method is a method which will be shown in Take Payment window by default. If you wish to set a method as active first of all choose needed method from the list and then click Set Active button.

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