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Command line parameters

You can use our MP3 converter as an integral part of large batch processes. For this you need to start the program with command line parameters.

afan.exe -source:c:\music\;"c:\program files\music" -destination:c:\musicout\ -resulttype:XML -resultfile:c:\musicout\result.xml -configfile: c:\musicout\config.cfg

General note: If any file name has space char, use double quotes around it "".
Example: "c:\program files\music\"

1. -source:
After semicolon you should to put list of files separated by ";".

2. -destination:
This is full name of the folder where your converted WAV files will be located.

3. -resulttype:
Type of results file:
1 - XML, 2 - HTML, 3 - CSV, 4 - TABS, 5 - SPACES

4. -resultfile:
File with list of converted files.

5. -configfile:
Full name of configuration file.

6. -execute
If -source and -destination parameters are set, right after start of the program it will start conversion.

7. -minimize
Specify it to run the program minimized in system tray.

8. -exit
with this parameters the program will be closed after finishing of conversion. It will be closed even if -source parameter is not given.


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