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Fiscal Printers

The list of supported fiscal printers

  1. All fiscal printers working via OPOS drivers
  2. Kube Fiscal Printer
  3. SlpFp Fiscal Printer
  4. Quorion QPrint Fiscal Printer
  5. Datecs FPrint Fiscal Printer
  6. SUNPHOR SUP-80FP Fiscal Printer

General recommendations for configuration of fiscal printers:

Using manufacturer's software or special keyboard attached to fiscal printer create VAT table. In some fiscal printers they are called departments. Therefore create departments and assign which taxes are applied to which department.

Using the same tool specify codes for payment methods. For example, use 1 for Cash, 2 for Check etc.

Do fiscalization of fiscal printer using the same tool or special software.

Then start Abacre Inventory Management and Control.

  1. Go to menu Configuration Items. Specify VAT ID for each item.
  2. Go to menu Configuration Payment Methods. Specify Fiscal Name for each payment method.
  3. Go to menu Configuration Property Settings Taxes and Tips. Specify Tips VAT ID. In some countries tips are taxable while in other countries tips are not taxable.
  4. Go to menu Configuration Bill Configuration Parameters. Check Is Fiscal Printer option. Set Fiscal Printer Interface. Set parameters specific to selected interface.

That's all.

Note: training mode is not supported yet for all interfaces. Thus Abacre Inventory Management and Control always prints in fiscal mode.

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