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Data Import

In some cases it's much faster to type data in Excel and then import it into Abacre Inventory Management and Control.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Type needed data. Note: for Boolean data like Ask for Price the following values should be used: -1 for yes, true and 0 for no, false
  3. In Excel main menu File Save As select one of the formats: Text (tab delimited); CSV (comma delimited)
  4. Start Abacre Inventory Management and Control.
  5. Open a desired window (Items, Workers or Clients).
  6. Press Import button.
  7. Select columns/fields you would like to import. Note: these columns should be stored in the import file using the same order as they displayed on Data Import window.
  8. Press Import button.
  9. Select import file.
  10. Press OK.

Data from import file should be successfully imported.

Note: On Items window use category number for Category column and modifier category number for Modifier Category column instead of their names.

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