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By default Abacre Hotel Management System is using pre-defined templates for printing invoices or quotes.

But on menu Configuration Templates you may define custom templates for the following documents:

  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Clients Forms

For templates you may use classic HMTL code with CSS for styles. You may ask your designer to create preferable template for you. Or you may use third-party WYSIWYG HTML editors like KompoZer.

In order to enable using your invoice template instead of using default invoice template you must check option: Use Invoice Template on on menu Configuration - Preferences - Order - Order Details.

Then you may use the same fields as on menu Configuration - Bill Configuration Template tab. For example, <clientfirstname> for Client's First name.

The tags may be used as mentioned above. But most WYSIWYG HTML editors will skip tags using <> that's why for templates we recommend using tags in the following format: {$clientfirstname}

Although you may use tags for items custom fields: {$itemcfield1}, {$itemcfield2} etc. These tags are not available yet on Bill Configuration Template tab.

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