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Worker's access rights

Worker's access rights is a best way to delimit access rights between different groups of workers, for example between managers and cashiers. Abacre Hotel Management System offers delimitation of access rights into two built-in groups, group of administrators and other than administrators group - a group of all other users. Difference between these groups is a difference in access rights. Administrators group has much more access rights than users group.

Administrators is the group of users, who has all users access rights but granted access to:

  • Property settings.
  • Items configuration.
  • Workers configuration.
  • Bill configuration.
  • Payment methods configuration.
  • Reports.

For non-administrators users group access will be granted only to:

  • Abacre Hotel Management System preferences.
  • Abacre Hotel Management System orders table.
Also this group will be able to create new orders, to close orders and to print bills. For more information about creating orders see creating an order section, about closing orders and printing bills see taking payment and closing orders section.

How to create a new user (worker) with administrators access rights:

First of all click Configuration -> Workers to enter workers configuration menu.

Each worker in Abacre Hotel Management System has it's own worker's profile which helps to identify it. Each worker's profile has its own user name (login) and password to access to Abacre Hotel Management System and its own access rights.

Now you need to add a new worker to the list of all workers. To do it click Add button of use Insert key on your keyboard. Worker's profile window will appear.

Worker's profile parameters:

  • Name is a real name of a worker, for example "Andrew".
  • Surname is a real surname of a worker, for example "Donalds".
  • Phone is a phone number of a worker, for example "+1999555333".
  • Street and Street1 is a street address of a worker, for example "Down Highway, 14".
  • ZIP is a postal code, for example "63494".
  • City is a city where worker lives, for example "New York".
  • State is a state, where worker lives, for USA only.
  • Country is a country where worker lives, for example "United States".
  • Login is a login name (user name) of a worker, needed for identification of a worker in Abacre Hotel Management System. Also it needed for login to the system. For example "A. Donalds".
  • Password is a password of a worker, used with login to access to Abacre Hotel Management System. For example "63494".
  • Note is a small description of a worker, for example "25 y.o, identification number: 129, e.t.c"
  • Is admin? is a option feature which gives to worker additional access rights. To turn on admin features for the worker check Is admin box, to turn off admin features for the worker uncheck Is admin box.

Check Is admin? box to turn on administrators access features for the worker's profile.

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