Preferences window

The ‘Preferences' window is used for setting various properties of the program, such as: choosing the behavior on inserting large images, setting default comments and delay time, selecting color reduction method and color of working background in the Frames area (environment).

The ‘Insert large image modes' area hives you a choice of default behavior while inserting images that are larger than your animated GIF canvas. It includes the following options:

The ‘Color reduction method' area provides a choice of five methods used by default while adding new frames to your animated GIF. These methods are Nearest Color, Floyd Steinberg, Stucki, Grey Scale, and Netscape Palette.

By clicking the ‘Change' button at the ‘Environment' box, you can set the new background color for the ‘Frames' area of the main window.

The ‘New animation defaults' set the default comment text and display time for each frame of your animated GIFs.