"searching and replacing in results" several times

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"searching and replacing in results" several times

Post by J.Kannengiesser » Tue Sep 04, 2007 9:05 am

the new "search in"-option is very usefull, but what I'm still missing:

I often have to search for files containing "S1" and replacing "OLD1" by "NEW1", then to search "S2" for replacing "OLD2" by "NEW2" ... so I always have to select "search in folder" for searching and to change to "search in results" for replacing.

Doing this several times is critical if I forget to change "search in results" for replacing !

What I need:
1. keeping the "search in"-option separate for searching and replacing
(maybe combined with a new true-false-option like "keep search-in-option")
2. a combination of "finding a file" and "replacing within":
the file-selection is a separate "pre-selection", the "search for and replace" then should only be done in these files !

... or is it already possible ?

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