changing unicode character sets

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changing unicode character sets

Post by jawal » Fri Jul 15, 2005 5:33 pm


What is the fonts character sets used with Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales?

I want to change fonts character sets to 1254 unicode format, because when I put Arabic word I get Greek language.




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Post by KevKha » Sun Aug 28, 2005 8:26 am


I have the same question as Jawal. I will purchase your software if it will support unicode sets.

I want it show something like this:
Giúp Đỡ

The two words above, it means "help" in Vietnamese. Go to and type "help" and see.

If you have a workaround please inform me asap.

Thanks in advance

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Post by Abacre » Sun Aug 28, 2005 8:14 pm

About which fonts are you talking about?
About the fonts of user interface (menus, buttons, labels)
or about fonts used in bill printing?

For example for fonts of the bills you may change it in the main menu
- Configuration - Bill Configuration - Parameters - press Change Font button.
then select Vietnamese as font's script.
Kind regards,
Abacre Limited

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Post by KevKha » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:42 am

Hi Roman,

Thanks for prompted response. I would like to change the font for the UI. I created a Vietnamese.lng in the Language folder and replaced an existing word with a Vietnamese one as instructed here

I did a few more tests today and realize that if I change the .lng file from ANSI to Unicode (encoding), the program won't recognize/see the file.

Is it possible for your program to read Unicode encoding text file?


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Unicode encoding for .lng

Post by KevKha » Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:34 am

With the helps from dangvud I was able to have the .lang correctly translated and displayed in the GUI, well in most parts.

For Vietnamese, I used VietKey 2000 to do the translation and change the all the neccessary items font to MS Sans Serif under Display Properties -> Appearance -> Advanced -> Item.

I have tried VPSKeys but when saving the .lng using Notepad, it prompts to convert to Unicode encoding which I did because the charset is unicode UTF-8. After this APOS is not seeing the file.

With VietKey 2000 I don't see this prompt when saving the file. Hope this helps for someone who wants to accomplish the same result in Vietnamese. There might another way to do it but this one works like a champ.

Thanks dangvud

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