Cloud Version and Some bugs

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Cloud Version and Some bugs

Post by salixan » Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:45 pm


Thanks to the Abacre Cloud Restaurant Point of Sale it will be the one of the best application in the market, Following is some bugs with the system

1- Connection to server: Some times I received the following errors:
"Error when trying to connect to DB: SQL Error unable to complete network request to host "". Failed ..."

I don't have any Internet firewall and other connection issues in my network.

2- two spreat order for one table: It is a bug with the transfer order from a table to another table if both tables have two orders the software cannot add items and user must to print two separate order receipt! How we can print one receipt with all items

3- total Same notified items: If you print some notified item with same name during opening order, software cannot add total of all notified items with same name in the receipt in two or more time!! it is very critical
for e.g in our bar a customer since 6PM to 11PM drink alot of beer and software print all items with out total
we just want to print the total number and one time item name with same name.

4- How we can bold the total price font in the receipt.

5- How print item numbering in the receipt.
for e.g:
1- itemA price
2- ItemB
3- ItemC

Thankyou for your support
and sorry for my english

Best Regards
Sara il

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