Trial version to full version upgrade questions

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Trial version to full version upgrade questions

Post by Donald » Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:37 pm

I love the software and will be purchacing the full version soon. However, i do have a few questions before i do.

1: I am a delivery only service. Upon adding a new order though it seems i have to choose a table number. Is there a way to get around the table option? If not, is it posible to edit these number fields to read something other than numbers.

2: Is there a way to intigrade the software to corrispond to a schedualing program. Most of my orders are set for days or weeks out at a time. Nothing is ever same day?

3: Can i Use my own merchant account when accepting credit cards or do i have to use the merchant services?

4: I would like to add a row or column to my "orders" database. When i try to open the mdb file in access to edit, it prompts for a password to see the file. Will this change when i upgrade to the full version?

5: I may have a configuration wrong, but when i total a ticket up and check out, it isnt adding the sales tax to the order. Its showing the tax on the ticket but just isnt adding it to the total.

6: Is there a profit and loss statment providid with the software that I am not finding. I see in the report how to check my total sales, but does it also keep up with my expences?

7: After buying a product key and upgrading, will the program retain all of the information i enter in the trial version?

Thank you for your time and any advice on these subjects. I will be purchacing the program reguardless of these issues here. Resolving these would make it perfect though.

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