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Questions About The Software

Post by flyemhighrockets » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:31 am

download your trail retail pos software a great software I may add. I just have one question I see under on the reports menu where you can see the profit margin but there is nowhere when you add the items that you can put the price in that we pay for the items there is only a spot for the price that the actual items cost. So where would you enter the wholesale price. Also when I buy the software is their a way to remove the items in the inventory list so I can just use my items? Thanks for your time I will look forward to your response because if I can fiqure these problems out I would love to buy this software.
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Re: Questions About The Software

Post by Abacre » Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:37 pm

Our software supports different inventory methods while our
competitors support only one or two of them.
The cost analysis is correctly managed with our software.
There are can be different inventory configuration cases but in short:

Every item has 3 fundamental parameters:
* quantity on stock
* cost (the price you pay when purchasing the item)
* price (the price you sell the item to your customer).

So, in order to add an item to inventory you should go to menu
Purchasing - Receive Voucher.
You create new Receive Voucher and you add items you want to add to
inventory: you specify cost and quantity for each item.

There are various ways to remove items (decrease quantity of item)
from stock:
You can use
* Return Voucher
* It happens when you sell item to customer
* You can use menu Inventory - Physical Inventory.

Physical Inventory window is only used for adjustment of EXISTING quantities.
But, first time, you should always use Receive Voucher.

Price for item you can change in menu Configuration - Items - Price
On the same Items window you can delete all items or add new items.

In practice you can have inventory only items (not for sale) and you
can have for sale only items (with references to inventory items). So
different inventory configurations can exist.
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Re: Questions About The Software

Post by flyemhighrockets » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:21 pm

Thanks for you help great system I will be buying shortly before the trail runs out. I would like to add I really like the receipts that prints out the pictures of the items purchased. The reports are a major step up from the pos system I currently use please keep up the great work you have a new customer from me.
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