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application security & reporting

Post by javaexpress » Sat Mar 10, 2007 5:32 am

I need more granular security capabilities within the POS system. For example, I am admin so I have access to everything. I want the manager to be able to add employees, and close out but I don't want the manager to have access to all the total sales reports. Are you all planning to add more granular security? I also need the ability to run a report that shows employees clock-in & clock-out times so I can export to excel for payroll use. I have been doing screen shots but as I have added more employees this work around is becoming too time consuming. The worker shifts report is not sufficient because it only shows the total hours worked for the time period. I need the actual times as shown on clock-in\out screen. It also would be helpful if there was a security option to give management the ability to modify clock-in\out times and require that a note be entered when doing I have had employees forget to do both.

P.S. - the patch for modifier refresh issue & looping worked perfectly!! Thanks for the quick support on those issues.


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Post by Abacre » Mon Mar 19, 2007 10:26 am

We are working now on version 2.2 which will include inventory module and other new features. We will try to add enhanced security management into this version. So it will be possible to choose for each role (admin, manager, cashier, waiter) which action each role can do.

We also added your suggestions about shifts managements and reports into our To-Do database.
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