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Constantly decreasing process rate

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 10:46 am
by complexxL9
I have 40GB of daily logs with 200-300MB per log file, I started analysis and at first process rate was about 2000-3000 KBytes/sec, but it was dropping slowly at first I didn't pay attention to this and went home.
Next day I came to work and found that ALA was processing only 17th file of 268 and process rate was 60 KBytes/sec with est time left: 7days 7hours... I left it for few more hours then checked again process rate was ~43KBytes/sec.

I tried to move files to local computer and run analysis few more times, but I always get the same result, process rate starts at 2000-3000(sometimes more) KBytes/sec and is constantly dropping to super slow speeds seeming impossible to finish analysis.